Monday, April 25, 2011

Gaming with the kids

Since the title of my blog is D&D Dad I thought I would talk a little about the experience of gaming with my oldest son (9 years old) this weekend.

I have played D&D with my son before. Usually it is just the two of us when we play. We did play with some others at Gen Con last year (the Intro D&D session by Wizards of the Coast) and we did start a game with his cousins (teenagers) a while back (but that didn't go so well). However this weekend I brought him to my bi-weekly 4e D&D game.

It was lots of fun. He really gets into the game and into the character. The other players (adults in their 20s, 20s, and 40s) had to reign him in from time-to-time as he began to implement one of his "plans" without agreement from the rest of the group, but from DM perspective it was a lot of fun to watch. At the end of the night since he wasn't going to playing with us again (I usually go straight from work so logistically it wouldn't work for him to play every two weeks) he decides that his character would stab himself and be done.

I really need to find a way to play with him in a group more because D&D is A LOT more fun as a group activity than solo or with just two people. It can still be fun that way but just not as much fun.

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  1. If you a FLGS near you, try taking him to play Encounters. I've been taking my son (turning 9 this week) and oldest daughter (11) the last 4 or 5 weeks and they love it. The single encounter fits there attention span and bed time more better. Plus they don't go unless the homework is done and they've showered the night before (only an issue with my son), so we get less resistance on getting those things done. Win-win. Except that my 3 yo has a fit because she wants to go, so we have to sneak out on pickup donuts on the way home.